Luke and Sheldon
Luke and Sheldon

 The Trail of Terrors was a vision of Jozette and Sheldon Pool, long time Zimmerman residents. As a family raising 4 kids, Jozette and Sheldon wanted to bring something to their community that would be memorable and great family fun.

Owning Zimmerman Home and Garden as well as Rocky Mountain Construction and Landscaping, the Pools were deeply rooted in the community. The Trail of Terrors was another way to give something back to the area. Sheldon was always crazy about Halloween. And, as luck would have it, so was Jozette. It was only natural the kids would embrace this love of Halloween.  Many hours were spent nurturing and developing the plans for a “Haunt”.

The purchase of 50 acres located 1 mile east of Zimmerman was completed in 2012. On this property are many ponds and a house that burned completely on the inside years ago and was a total loss. The exterior was saved due to the stucco covering it.  The house already looked like it was ready for Halloween. This would become the home for Zimmerman’s Trail of Terrors.

In 2013, the woods at the back of the property took on a life of its own. Winding through the trail for a quarter of a mile, you encounter everything that would scare the white off rice! Attendance so far has proven this haunt to be extremely popular with guests from all over. In 2014 a renowned psychic visited the property and had a vision. There was an undeniable, tremendous negative energy. Upon further spiritual contact, this is what she recounted. Sometime in the 1930s there was a farm house on the property and farmer’s wife named Mary. On a sweltering day in July, Mary was caring for her 3 year old granddaughter, Ava, and doing some canning. The little girl got out an open gate and wandered into a pond where she tragically drowned. Mary never forgave herself and died a few years later. Fast forward 50 years and that old farm house is gone and a more modern one built in its place. This is the house that was destroyed by fire and is still standing today.

While exploring the house, a pair of burned child’s shoes was discovered in one of the upstairs bedrooms. And leaning against the wall in the same room was a small piece of wood about 2 square feet. On it was a relief burned into the wood of a girl with long hair. This, I saw for myself. The psychic performed a spiritual cleansing on the house in 2014 and was satisfied that Grandma Mary and little Ava were once again united and at peace. The same year, I swear that I saw a lady holding the hand of a little girl walking toward me on the trail. It was not frightening, but rather comforting. I hope to see them again. It was quite remarkable. 

Share the Terrors  - Beware of the Trail

Wear appropriate shoes. Paths through woods may be rough or muddy. If it looks like heavy RAIN…we will make the decision to be open by 4pm the day of show and will post it on the home page. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere during shows. Recommended for ages 10 and older.  Enter at your own risk.


No persons or parties associated with this event are responsible for any occurrences that may result from your entrance. Do not enter if you are not wearing appropriate shoes. You will be exposed to many different uneven surfaces that may cause you to trip. No running or pushing and stay on the pathway. Do not enter if you are pregnant, subject to epileptic seizures, have heart problems etc. Do not touch the walls/ wood to avoid splinters.


Absolutely no alcohol lighters or smoking will be permitted. You will be exposed to strobe lights, loud noises, scary / horror scenes, intense visual effects, and theatrical fog that may affect those with or without asthma. Prepare to be scared. Not recommended for those under the age of 10. At any time you may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior or violations explained above and will not receive a refund. By purchasing a ticket and entering the haunted attraction/property you agree to all of the above and take full responsibility for ALL of your actions whether intentional or accidental. Violating above policy and or being disruptive will result in removal from the property.